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The Catalogue of Near-Parabolic Comets

Below is the list of comets (in order of designation) analysed by us (active links) or comets currently under consideration.
New orbital solutions will be inserted systematically during the progress of our investigation.

Comet designation and name Sample Other informations
C/2017 K2 PANSTARRS older solution
C/2013 L2 Catalina B2
C/2013 E1 McNaught B2
C/2013 B2 Catalina B2
C/2012 S1 ISON link to WikiComet
C/2012 B3 La Sagra B2
C/2012 A1 PanSTARRS B2
C/2011 Q2 McNaught
C/2011 L6 Boattini B2
C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS link to WikiComet
C/2010 X1 Elenin A2
C/2010 S1 LINEAR B2
C/2010 R1 LINEAR B older solution
C/2010 L3 Catalina B2
C/2010 H1 Garradd A2
C/2010 D3 WISE B
C/2009 UG89 Lemmon B2
C/2009 U5 Grauer B
C/2009 R1 McNaught A2
C/2009 P2 Boattini B
C/2009 O4 Hill A2
C/2009 K5 McNaught A2
C/2009 F4 McNaught B2
C/2008 T2 Cardinal A2
C/2008 S3 Boattini B2
C/2008 P1 Garradd B
C/2008 J6 Hil A2
C/2008 FK75 Lemmon-Siding Spring B older solution
C/2008 C1 Chen-Gao A2
C/2008 A1 McNaught A2
C/2007 Y1 LINEAR B
C/2007 W3 LINEAR A2
C/2007 W1 Boattini A2
C/2007 VO53 Spacewatch B
C/2007 U1 LINEAR B2
C/2007 Q3 Siding Spring A2
C/2007 Q1 Garradd A2
C/2007 O1 LINEAR A2
C/2007 N3 Lulin A2
C/2007 JA21 LINEAR B
C/2007 D1 LINEAR B
C/2006 YC Catalina-Christensen B
C/2006 X1 LINEAR B2
C/2006 VZ13 LINEAR A2
C/2006 S3 LONEOS B older solution
C/2006 S2 LINEAR B
C/2006 Q1 McNaught A2
C/2006 P1 McNaught A2
C/2006 OF2 Broughton A2
C/2006 L2 McNaught A2
C/2006 K3 McNaught A2
C/2006 K1 McNaught B
C/2006 HW51 Siding Spring A2
C/2006 E1 McNaught B
C/2005 Q1 LINEAR B
C/2005 L3 McNaught B
C/2005 K1 Skiff B
C/2005 G1 LINEAR B
C/2005 EL173 LONEOS B
C/2005 E2 McNaught A1
C/2005 B1 Christensen B
C/2004 X3 LINEAR B
C/2004 T3 Siding Spring B
C/2004 P1 NEAT B
C/2004 B1 LINEAR A1
C/2003 WT42 LINEAR B older solution
C/2003 T4 LINEAR
C/2003 T3 Tabur A1
C/2003 S3 LINEAR B
C/2003 O1 LINEAR B2
C/2003 K4 LINEAR A1
C/2003 G1 LINEAR B
C/2003 A2 Gleason B2
C/2002 X5 Kudo-Fujikawa
C/2002 U2 LINEAR
C/2002 T7 LINEAR A1
C/2002 R3 LONEOS B
C/2002 Q5 LINEAR A1
C/2002 O4 Hoenig
C/2002 L9 NEAT B
C/2002 J5 LINEAR B
C/2002 J4 NEAT B
C/2002 E2 Snyder-Murakami A1
C/2002 A3 LINEAR B
C/2001 Q4 NEAT A1
C/2001 K5 LINEAR B
C/2001 K3 Skiff A1
C/2001 G1 LONEOS B
C/2001 C1 LINEAR B
C/2001 B2 NEAT B2
C/2001 B1 LINEAR A1
C/2000 Y1 Tubbiolo B
C/2000 SV74 LINEAR B older solution
C/2000 O1 Koehn B
C/2000 K1 LINEAR B
C/2000 H1 LINEAR B2
C/2000 CT54 LINEAR B
C/2000 A1 Montani B
C/1999 Y1 LINEAR A1
C/1999 U4 Catalina-Skiff B
C/1999 U1 Ferris B
C/1999 T1 McNaught-Hartley
C/1999 S4 LINEAR
C/1999 S2 McNaught-Watson B
C/1999 N4 LINEAR B
C/1999 K5 LINEAR B
C/1999 J3 LINEAR
C/1999 J2 Skiff B
C/1999 H3 LINEAR B
C/1999 H1 Lee
C/1999 F2 Delcanton B
C/1999 F1 Catalina B
C/1998 T1 LINEAR
C/1998 P1 Williams
C/1998 M3 Larsen B2
C/1997 P2 Spacewatch B2
C/1997 J2 Meunier-Dupouy A1
C/1997 BA6 Spacewatch B
C/1997 A1 NEAT B
C/1996 E1 NEAT A1
C/1996 B2 Hyakutake
C/1995 Y1 Hyakutake
C/1995 O1 Hale-Bopp
C/1993 Y1 McNaught-Russell
C/1993 Q1 Mueller A1
C/1993 K1 Shoemaker-Levy B
C/1993 F1 Mueller B
C/1993 A1 Mueller A1
C/1992 J1 Spacewatch A1
C/1991 Y1 Zanotta-Brewington
C/1991 X2 Mueller
C/1991 F2 Helin-Lawrence A1
C/1991 C3 McNaught-Russell B2
C/1991 B1 Shoemaker-Levy
C/1990 K1 Levy A1
C/1989 X1 Austin A1
C/1989 Q1 Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko A1
C/1988 B1 Shoemaker B
C/1987 W3 Jensen-Shoemaker B
C/1987 W2 Furuyama
C/1987 H1 Shoemaker B
C/1987 F1 Torres B
C/1986 P1-A Wilson A1
C/1985 R1 Hartley-Good
C/1984 W2 Hartley B
C/1983 O1 Černis B
C/1981 G1 Elias B2
C/1980 E1 Bowell B
C/1979 M3 Torres B
C/1978 H1 Meier A1
C/1978 G2 McNaught-Tritton B
C/1978 A1 West B
C/1977 D1 Lovas B2
C/1976 U1 Lovas B
C/1976 D2 Shuster B
C/1975 X1 Sato
C/1975 V2 Bradfield
C/1974 V1 van den Bergh B
C/1974 F1 Lovas A1
C/1974 C1 Bradfield
C/1973 W1 Gibson B
C/1972 L1 Sandage B
C/1971 E1 Toba
C/1960 M1 Humason B2
C/1959 Y1 Burnham A1
C/1956 R1 Arend-Roland A1
C/1955 O1 Honda
C/1955 G1 Abell B2
C/1954 Y1 Haro-Chavira B2
C/1954 O2 Baade B2
C/1952 W1 Mrkos A1
C/1950 K1 Minkowski 1901-1950-PartI
C/1948 T1 Wirtanen
1901-1950-PartI       B2
C/1948 E1 Pajdušáková-Mrkos 1901-1950-PartI
C/1947 Y1 Mrkos 1901-1950-PartI
C/1947 S1 Bester 1901-1950-PartI
C/1946 U1 Bester 1901-1950-PartI
C/1946 P1 Jones 1901-1950-PartI
C/1946 C1 Timmers 1901-1950-PartI
C/1944 K2 van Gent 1901-1950-PartI
C/1942 C2 Oterma
1901-1950-PartI       B2
C/1942 C1 Whipple-Bernasconi-Kulin 1901-1950-PartI
C/1941 K1 van Gent 1901-1950-PartI
C/1940 S1 Okabayasi-Honda 1901-1950-PartI
C/1940 R2 Cunningham 1901-1950-PartI
C/1937 N1 Finsler 1901-1950-PartI
C/1937 C1 Whipple 1901-1950-PartI
C/1935 Q1 Van Biesbroeck
1901-1950-PartI       B2
C/1932 M2 Geddes 1901-1950-PartI
C/1932 M1 Newman 1901-1950-PartI
C/1925 W1 Van Biesbroeck 1901-1950-PartI
C/1925 G1 Orkisz 1901-1950-PartI
C/1925 F1 Shajn-Comas Sola
1901-1950-PartI       B2
C/1922 U1 Baade 1901-1950-PartI
C/1921 E1 Reid 1901-1950-PartI
C/1919 Q2 Metcalf 1901-1950-PartI
C/1916 G1 Wolf 1901-1950-PartI
C/1914 M1 Neujmin
1901-1950-PartI       B2
C/1914 F1 Kritzinger 1901-1950-PartI
C/1913 Y1 Delavan 1901-1950-PartI
C/1912 R1 Gale 1901-1950-PartI
C/1911 S3 Beljawsky 1901-1950-PartI
C/1907 E1 Giacobini 1901-1950-PartI
C/1906 E1 Kopff 1901-1950-PartI
C/1906 B1 Brooks 1901-1950-PartI
C/1904 Y1 Giacobini 1901-1950-PartI
C/1903 M1 Borrelly 1901-1950-PartI
C/1902 X1 Giacobini 1901-1950-PartI
C/1902 R1 Perrine 1901-1950-PartI
C/1896 V1 Perrine Oort19
C/1895 W1 Perrine
C/1892 Q1 Brooks A1
C/1890 F1 Brooks Oort19 Belongs to ninetheen comets used by Oort (1950)
Supplementary materials at WikiComet
C/1885 X1 Fabry A1, Oort19

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